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1920s Fashion and Beading

"One hundred years ago precisely, the Jazz Age saw dramatic social change in America.
     "A new generation of women was, for the first time ever, voting, driving, spending their own money, smoking and drinking in public, bobbing their long hair, showing off their calves, even dispensing with their corsets. And—perhaps most thrilling of all these new liberties—they could sample the nightlife, and go out dancing.

      "As an unintended result of the Prohibition, modern women were exploring whole new social territory: the intimate, smoky world of nightclubs and speakeasies. No wonder the primary pastime of the 20s is remembered as dancing to the rhythms of Hot Jazz. That novel and exhilarating music will forever evoke the image of a woman in her fashionably shortened dress, with its radically simple, shift-shaped silhouette sparkling with so many hours' worth of intricate beadwork."

The deadline this show has officially been extended! Contact us to book your tour. Tours are $3.00 per person, scheduled for Monday, Friday, and Saturday, at either 1:00 or 3:00 PM. (Please note that the third floor gallery is only accessible via stairs at this time.)

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