Official Newsletter   •   November 1, 2021

Eran Inbar, Professional Outsider

The Artist in His Own Words

This month, we brought you the work of Eran Inbar.
His selected ouvre speaks for itself, but here are some reflections from the artist.

E R A N    I N B A R :     I started stitching as part of my art practice about 10 years ago, a few years after I got my BFA in art. I have always had a fascination with textiles, which was a part of my installation and sculpture/assemblage work, but for some reason, embroidery felt like something out of reach.

I know the reasons for that, and I now understand that those reasons are precisely the things that drew me to this medium.

Its history and social connotations are mainly feminine, and, at least at the time, it was not considered "fine art," which made it the perfect medium to delve into questions about masculinity and power structures.

I didn't have anyone to teach me, so I experimented and later bought some books and watched some videos.

That process of searching and stumbling and making mistakes also became part of my attraction to the medium. It contrasted with how a professional artist was expected to present (or at least that was what I absorbed from school and the art community in Israel at the time), which was a confident, masculine businessman, basically.

Stitching brings out vulnerability and strength in equal measures, and the fabrics can take a lot of abuse and keep changing in the process, and I usually don't know exactly how a piece will look at the end.
     Later on, I started experimenting with plant-based dyes and staining, which added another layer of very intimate interaction with the fabrics and threads and shifted the color scheme towards a skin tone monochrome.

Thank you, Eran, for generously sharing this most illuminating insight into your process with us. We look forward to following the arc of your continuing artistic journey. Your textile work is visually gorgeous and revolutionary, and we are glad to have discovered it.

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