Memories in Beads: 
Forever, Borne by the Frailty of Threads

 March 30th - April 30th, 2007

Held over until July 31st

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What better reflection of the desperate exuberance of the twenties
than a fragile network of glass and steel beads,
held together by shreds of shattered silk?

Pounds of beads
stitched onto silk chiffon
in deco swirls and fringes
doomed these dresses to an early demise,
but what fun to wear them and dance the night away!

Accompanied by a fascinating collection of beaded bags
and decorative beadwork,
these pieces are sure to challenge and inspire beaders of the present
with exquisite work from times past.

Beaded garments, handbags, and decorative pieces from the LMLT collection, as well as an extraordinary early 19th c. table cover. 

Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles