I Did!

Wedding Finery of the Past

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"Taking the plunge," "tying the knot," "jumping the broom", "getting hitched"—

all reflect the perilous and optimistic nature of getting married.

Even today, familiar with conscious de-couplings and acrimonious separations, we are still in awe of the love and hopefulness that draws two people together.

No garments capture our imagination and dreams like our wedding clothes,

the wedding dress being paramount among them.

Packed away in paper, hanging at the backs of closets, old wedding dresses are a tangible link to the past and to the aspirations, desires, goals and promises made there.

This exhibit ran from

June 5, 2015 to April 2, 2016

From the proposal, to the wedding, at the wedding breakfast, and away on the honeymoon, "I Did!: Wedding Finery of the Past" is about affirmations made over 100 years ago, and the precious apparel, as well as other textiles, that accompanied them.