Debbie New

July 15th – July 30th

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I know not Debby. At the suggestion of a common spirit, Melanie Gill, we made an inquiry to Debbie to see if she would participate, in any form, with the July “freeform” exhibit at our new Museum. The response was four boxes sent to us by Debbie filled with wonder. The unopened boxes told much of Debbie. A once square box was bulging like a well stuffed pillow, another with ubiquitous tape covering the openings in a vegetable box. This lady was at home in an unpretentious world…a world filled with things done…a world with so much more to do. Not to dwell but to move on as we are all mortal.

And as the pieces flowed from these boxes, it was obvious that I was touching the hand of creativity…the hand of purpose. This was not simply knitting or freeform, it was the heart of someone fully in love with existence. Imagination reined...knitting and thread simply an extension of the spirit.

And there is a book she wrote, “UNEXPECTED KNITTING,” which can only reflect a moment in Debbie’s life. But I did learn that:

Debbie was born and raised in Australia
Debbie is the mother of eight children and now blessed with many grandchildren
Debbie has had careers ranging from microbiologist to symphony violinist
Debbie lives in Canada
Debbie spends summers in England on a boat barge
Debbie has little time for dreaming…
Jules Kliot, director

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