Night & Day

The World of the Twenties

April 1st - September 1st 2010

It was the best-of-times, the war to end wars was in the past, movies opened our visions to an unknown world and we were ready for an era filled with fun, opulence, hope and freedom This freedom expressed itself in the garments and accessories that adorned us, the hair that could now be released from sacred hair buns and braids, and the decorative embellishments that would parallel the other art movements in a new freedom of expression as beads and ribbons flowed onto our garments shouting to be heard. This exhibit will explore the spirit of this period through these garments, some touched by the ribbon embroidered flowers and beadwork from Paris, others from the day-dress pages of the Sears and Roebuck catalog,

Incorporated into the exhibit are Ellen Thompson’s contemporary wax-headed articulated dolls which she, again generously lent to LMLT for this exhibit. These lovingly restored pieces impart an air of life-like movement  along with a bit of glamour from the age itself. 

Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles