Rhoma Young Donation
Antique Lace, Textiles, & Sewing Notions

November 2021


Clockwise from top left: An ivory etui of essential sewing notions [37290]; an opera coat elaborately embroidered with goldwork [37339]; a silver Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme pincushion [37295]; and a pair silver of folding snips [37323].

From our December 2021 newsletter:

The items above were part of a recent donation from Oakland-based antiques lover Rhoma Young. For decades, she has been a prodigious, passionate collector of lace, fine antique jewelry, and vintage fashions.
      Rhoma's vast inventory of precious textile treasures included a black lace parasol cover in near-perfect condition, antique yardage of French tulle embroidered with striking paisley motifs, Spanish chantilly lace, and many very fine, very delicately constructed tape lace items. She also assembled a wide range of finely-wrought silver sewing notions and etui boxes (sewing kits, some made from costly and precious imported materials).


Left: Nude carved handle of a folding pocketknife. Right: A brass Quadruple Golden Casket needle case, patented in 1868 and manufactured in England by Wavery & Son Redditch.

Donated By: Rhoma Young