Butterick Metropolitan Fashion
Autumn & Winter, 1897-'98

October 5, 2021

From our November 2021 newsletter:

This month we have an abundance of curiosities to share with you all. Let's begin with a well-preserved paper ephemera antique: "Metropolitan Magazine" from Autumn and Winter of 1897.
     We invite you to inspect a few of its pages, including this remarkable selection of "Garments Suitable for Athletic Exercises and Outdoor Sports, including Gymnastics, Cycling, Equestrianism, Pedestrianism, Golf, Hunting, Fishing, Yachting and Bathing." Talk about versatility in your wardrobe.
     This remarkable donation was made by Louise Toby, and sure to be most illuminating. Also, it was kept in many years in a paper bag from a now-extinct shop, which some of you Bay Area locals may remember—The Emporium.
     (And for those of you who don't...)

Donated By: Louise Toby
Photographs: Christine Krause